Why should I start a Blog? – ‘My Story’ – and why you should write ‘Your Story’.

After many months – well, I admit it, years really – I have decided to take the plunge and start a blog.

Ok, so I know I’ve just been procrastinating all this time, but that seems so judgemental.  After all, once you’ve retired you’re just so busy aren’t you?  And everyone knows for a fact that time goes faster and faster, the older you get.

I’ve finally decided it has got to be now or never.  So, where do I start?

For the last few years I’ve been digging around into a bit of family history and this has raised more questions than it answered.  There are so many things I wished I’d asked my parents when they were still alive.  Why was I not more curious then about their past lives?  Why have I got so many photographs with absolutely no hint of what, or where, or who they are of, and why did they never write things down, so that I could simply enjoy reading all about them?

That prompted me to think about my own children.  Will there ever be a time when they ask some questions about me, and I won’t be around to answer them?  Maybe I should write down my own story for them, the ups and downs of my own life, the joys, the hard times, the mistakes made along the way, so many decisions made for better or for worse. What made me choose this way instead of that way?

No more thinking about it!  For their sakes I decided to do it.  I made a record of the story of my life, and now I’ve started a blog which will include some excerpts from it.  Not all of it you’ll be glad to know, for it’s only right that some things are kept for family only. So that’s My Story.

How about you?  Would you like to share your story with your family and friends?  Maybe you’ve already done it, or maybe you started it, but gave up when it became too overwhelming a task.  I know that happens to some people, so I am inviting you to learn from my writing blog, because with each episode that I share of my own story I will also give you ideas on how to go about the task yourself.  I will show you in fifteen easy steps, from start to completion, how to tell Your Story.




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