My name is Kathleen Nicholson.  I retired from my part time job as a Health Visitor in 2010, and have had some very happy years since then having the freedom to follow some of the projects that I most interested in.  I will be sharing some of these in the coming weeks in the writings on my blog, as these will all be part of My Story.

I should also say at the beginning that my husband is a Hon Canon of the Church of England, so for thirty years part of my role was as a clergy wife.  I say ‘part of’, because I don’t think I was ever a typical vicar’s wife.  To my way of thinking my role was mainly to keep the home fires burning, to support my husband behind the scenes, but also to give time to my two children.

One of my projects which a began when I retired was to write my life story.  This proved to be much harder than I had anticipated, and in fact it took me nine years to complete.  I learnt a great deal along the way, and have since written a book about writing your own life story.  This is split up into fifteen steps, and I am posting them on this website, one step each month.  My hope is that this will be of interest and help to others who may be thinking of putting pen to paper but are not sure how to begin.  The information I am giving you is original and totally free, and builds up into a course on how to write Your Story.  Because everyone has a story, and it is important to pass on your life’s ups and downs to future generations.

As well as sharing aspect of  My Story as it appears in my finished book, I will also be writing about various aspects of my life as I see it at the moment.  I shall write about the things that I am most interested in, these being music, gardening, animals and wild life, and also some aspects of faith.  My husband now writes a weekly column for the group of churches he is involved with in retirement, and I shall be adding some of these ‘thoughts’ from time to time.

Not all of what I write will be of interest to you, but there is no need to read everything.  Just click on the parts that interest you.  I hope you will find something to enjoy.  And in case you are wondering – I shall be adding some photographs from time to time.

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