Your Story – Introduction

Hello, and welcome!  You are interested in writing the story life, and these posts are designed to show you how to go about it in 15 easy steps.

Autobiography writing has become very popular in recent years.  I have done a lot of research in preparation for writing my own life story, and there is a wealth of information on the subject, books and courses both online and offline.  My aim here is to produce  simple instructions and guidance for ordinary people who have a desire to record their own life story, but do not want to spend a great deal of time and money in doing so.

So the information I am giving you is concise.  Where I have included examples of other people’s work I have kept them as short as possible, and you can just skim through these if you wish.  None of them is essential to following the main text, but everything you need to know to write out your own story will be give in this blog over the next few weeks.

I am not a professional writer.  In fact my background is in nursing and health visiting, but when my children were small I stayed at home to look after them.  As money was tight I ran a typing service from home.  I had been a typist for a few years before I started nursing at the age of 25, so I thought I would brush up on this skill and put it to good use.

I typed quite a few manuscripts for people who were writing their life story and I found everyone of them fascinating reading.  In this way I learnt a great deal about how people tackled this rather daunting project.  Many years later I encountered a lady with a particularly inspiring story to tell, and I encouraged and helped her to get it written down successfully, drawing on methods I had seen other people use, and she found the whole experience very enriching.

I eventually gave up the typing service and returned to a health visiting career which I did until I retired, but I have remained very interested in peoples’ memories.  Some years later when my mother died I and my sister found, when going through some of her personal belongings, a collection of letters and photographs that we had known nothing about.  They concerned a relationship that had obviously meant a great deal to her, so who was the gentleman who had written to her so eloquently?  Sadly we will never know.

If only she had written down the story of her life.  How fascinating it would have been!

This course that I present to you is laid out in 15 steps.  These have been prepared in a logical order to help you think around the task ahead of you and to arrive at your goal – a completed record of your life – in the easiest and quickest way.

Inevitably some steps are longer than others, and some weeks I will post two of them together.  Some steps will take you longer to complete than others, but once you get started there is nothing to stop you working on more than one section at a time because it can all be gathered together and put in the correct order when you are nearing completion.

Here is a list of the 15 steps that I will be showing you over the next few weeks:

Step 1   –   Preserve

Step 2   –   Purpose

Step 3   –   Paraphernalia

Step 4   –   Plan

Step 5   –   Prepare your Portfolio

Step 6  –   Pedigree

Step 7    –   Proceed

Step 8   –   Persevere

Step 9   –   Problems

Step 10   –   Prune it!

Step 11   –   Photographs, Papers and Poetry

Step 12   –   Personalise it.

Step 13  –   Prologue and Postscript

Step 14   –    Print and Publish

Step 15   –   Present it with Pride 





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